Don Shula- How Much Do You Know About Miami’s Main Man?

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If there is one person who is Mr. Miami, it’s Don Shula. The coach of the Dolphins for practically ever, Don Shula, even in retirement, is one of the most recognizable faces in sports. As a leader, he knew how to win, he knew how to carry himself, and he knew how to keep his players disciplined. But, what do you know about him? Take our quiz to find out if you make Don Shula proud or if you come across as a dead fish.

1. Where was Don Shula born?

a. Flint, Michigan

b. Keizer, Oregon

c. Grand River, Ohio

d. The stork dropped him off in Miami

2. He currently holds the record for most NFL career wins with how many?

a. 308

b. 318

c. 328

d. 2

3. During his playing career, what three teams did Shula play for?

a. The Chicago Bear, the Baltimore Colts, and the Detroit Lions

b. The Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Colts, and the Washington Redskins

c. The Denver Broncos, the Cleveland Browns, and the Boston Patriots

d. The Tennessee Titans, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Carolina Panthers

4. How many passes did Shula intercept during his playing career?

a. 15

b. 33

c. 21

d. He played offense

5. Where did Shula start his coaching career?

a. Miami University of Ohio

b. The University of Virginia

c. Ohio State University

d. He was never a coach

6. Don Shula got his first NFL head coaching job with what team?

a. The Miami Dolphins

b. The Washington Redskins

c. The Baltimore Colts

d. The Baltimore Ravens

7. How old was he when he first became a head coach in the NFL?

a. 33

b. 37

c. 29

d. 12; he was the Doogie Howser of football

8. How many years did Don Shula serve as a coach of the Miami Dolphins?

a. 20

b. 31

c. 26

d. Oh about one or two

9. Over the years, the teams Shula coached were consistently what?

a. The least penalized in the NFL

b. The oldest in the NFL

c. The biggest in the NFL

d. Made up of actual dolphins

10. The Don Shula Foundation, a foundation Shula set up for his late wife, helps find a cure for what?

a. Breast cancer

b. Multiple Sclerosis

c. Parkinson’s Disease

d. Heart Disease

Answers: 1. c. Grand River, Ohio; 2. c. 328; 3. b. The Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Colts, and the Washington Redskins; 4. c. 21; 5. b. The University of Virginia; 6. c. The Baltimore Colts; 7. a. 33; 8. c. 26; 9. a. The least penalized in the NFL; 10. a. Breast cancer


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